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"Company artistic director Emil Kreymer has tautly staged the warfare -- verbal and physical -- of the play’s unabashedly dysfunctional family while never losing sight of its strikingly dark humor and ironies. Sean Stanco is a menacing standout as Joe ... [and] Kelley Feetham has the right deceptive diffidence as daughter Dottie, who understands much more about family greed and antagonisms than her virginal past would suggest."
"Emil Kreymer’s solid production for Zero Point Theater features Sean Stenco as the merciless hit man who doesn’t take kindly to being stiffed. (Stenco will make your blood run cold he’s so good.) ... Kelley Feltham gives a deftly daft performance as the sister everyone thinks isn’t smart enough to figure out what’s going on." --Boston Arts Review
Fans of Tracy Letts (August: Osage County) as well at Martin Mcdonagh should see this dark, sometimes-creepy comedy, served strangely well by the intimacy of the Arsenal's blackbox.
very enjoyable, I think the characters were perfectly cast. We really had no idea what to expect from the play. They made the situation very believable and it's not hard to imagine that this stuff/way of life goes on in real life in our country every day.
Really interesting experience..Play was good, actors were terrific and stage combat was impressive. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to see a good black box production.