Zachary Hare.
The more things change the more they stay the same. Its amazing how watching stories about historic events can show us how true that statement still is. Gross Indeceny: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde by Moises Kaufman as put on by Bad Habit Productions is an amazing insight in how far weve come and how far we still have yet to go. One thing I found so fascinating is just change a few names and you could be watching discussions that are still going on today. But while anyone can tell a story this cast brings to life the hardships of an amazing man. To hear words that you know were once spoken make you feel like you are apart of history. Watching this play you feel like you are experiencing a real court drama and even though these events really happened you are hoping for a happy ending for the main character.But even such a gripping tale is nothing without a great cast to work with it. We have David Lutheran whose performance as The Marquess of Queensbury could be considered by some as over the top but its always believable and you never feel like hes going too far but you always feel strong emotions for this villain. Matthew Murphy is quite engaging as Sir Edward Clarke and has you believing in Clarke's passion for justice and whats right.  Kyle Cherry as Lord Douglas competely becomes the character and has an attraction that draws you right in. The esemble cast were flawless supporting the story and their fellow actors. I must tell you though that something amazing happened on that stage, ask me a thousand times and I will swear to you that Oscar WIlde is alive and well and at the Calderwood Pavillion. John Geoffrion is the man himself from the moment he walks on stage just exuding the charm and eloquence that Wilde was known for. You find yourself immeditely liking him, feeling for him, laughing and crying at all his ups and downs. There were times I laughed so hard it hurt but at the same time it loses none of the serious element connected to the history of it. This play is a must see for anyone who is in the mood see a true piece of art with both intelligent comedy and drama.
PERFORMANCES:   Extended thru Sept 02

Calderwood Pavilion
at the Boston Center for the Arts